Michael B.

Michael’s writing style would appeal to people who like a mix of Roald Dahl and Clive Barker, with a dash of Terry Pratchett and Andy Weir, some R. L. Stine, F. Paul Wilson, Robert Louis Stevenson, L. Frank Baum and Patrick McGrath, with just a smidge of Shane Koyczan and Sudhir Venkatesh. There is also room for a faint hint of Burroughs, Carcaterra and Ginsberg. His favourite literary genres are fantasy/morbid humour/action-drama, science fiction and horror. The world-builder style of fiction writing has become over-populated, but none are as sophisticated and well-loved as Derry, Dune, Discworld, Star Wars, Alien and Oz.

Michael’s life goal is to create a body of work to rival the combined works of his heroes: Stephen King, Glen Duncan, Greg Egan, Jim Henson, John Carl Buechler, David Cronenberg, Don Hertzfeldt, Hal Hartley, David Peoples, Jhonen Vasquez, Sam Kieth, Will Wright, Eric Chahi, Tom Holland (filmmaker), Chris Birch, Robert McCallum and Casey Pugh.

Michael writes 472 pages of new works and upto 1,200 pages of rewrites annually and usually manages to fit in also an hour each day of study or coding, half an hour of drawing and also work on his gaming blog. He tries to write 3 novels, 3 screenplays, 1 graphic novel, 1 stage play, a game storyline or other script, 3 short works and a piece of software, every year. As well as a few songs and/or poems.

Michael’s purpose is to develop sophisticated, quirky, unique, imaginative and edgy content in the realms of novels, puppetry, films, animation, screenplays, comic books, video games, documentaries, board games and game spaces, software and micro-budget horror movies. Though his main passion is to express emotion and ideas, with thorough speculation and by designing visual magic, machinery and worlds. And create stories with carefully chosen details and depth of image and life. Social innovation is also a driving creative force.

  • An expert writer

    Michael ran away from a strict primary school in Essex, England where he had to wear a suit and tie, to live in the North Island of New Zealand where it was so hot that no-one even wore shoes. After 8 years as an aspiring inventor and professional wrestler, having studied tae kwon do, judo, grappling, wing chun, kickboxing, thai boxing, kali sticks and kung fu – as well as writing game design documentation, he achieved 98% in the algebra exam for NCEA1 and then moved to the South Island to study creative writing, woodworking and filmmaking. At 17, he left high school with NCEA2 and went to Polytechnic to study making short movies on video for television. He also studied writing, crewing and performing for children’s theatre. And a bit of radio. Then he moved to Wellington to get serious about his novel writing and game programming and study his degree in screenwriting – which he completed in March of 2011.

    Michael writes stories, games and scripts. He draws designs, cartoons and abstract art. He produces software and video. He loves FX, costume, collecting and creature sculpting.

  • Typical INTP

    Michael wanted to break out of the isolation of a writer, programmer and solo designer/cartoonist. So he created an online creative team: “M = Delta V + C.” They do a bunch of cool stuff together. They’re all in it as weekend hobbyists, gradually pulling together some really unique projects.

  • Imagination, Innovation and Expression

    Mike also wanted to write something that he could make even though he was broke. So stripping back the adult-oriented, absurd and cerebral humour/action/drama stories he was writing, into minimalist think-pieces seemed to be the solution to the economy of story matching the economics of his personal finances.

  • The Fantasy Architect

    While studying for 6.5 years, Mike learned a grand bunch about art, cartooning, filmmaking and creative writing. He decided to put some of this knowledge to work, and is in the process of building a client base for manuscript assessments, to help others with their writing. And is also very keen to produce animated videos that will teach techniques and methods of all that he has learned to date, to those who are struggling to find their footing.

    Mike is also keen to branch out into additional creative realms – writing for other kinds of entertainment and producing websites. And to develop some works locally with friends – naming his local team “the band.” Collaboration is not Mike’s core passion but it helps to keep him relatively sane.

  • Influences

    Michael is heavily influenced by revolutionaries like Alan Turing, Matt Dalio and Dean Kamen. By rebel poets like Robert Crumb and Douglas Coupland. By auteur filmmakers like Kimberly Peirce, Lili Zanuck, Stephen Chiodo, David Slade, Harry Sinclair, Chan-wook Park, Olivier Assayas, Shane Carruth, Harmony Korine, Brendon Small, Spalding Gray, Lars Von Trier and Henry Selick. By underdogs like Steve Wiebe. By genius dramatists like Chris Rogers + Chris Cantwell, Alex Gansa, Sera Gamble and Joe Penhall. And by innovators like Meow Wolf, Playdead, Christine Love, Mark Healey, Richard Garfield and Ed McMillen.

Beginning his career as a classically trained freelance author/scriptwriter/manuscript assessor and cartoonist in 2012 (but began writing game design documents in 1993 and large fiction manuscripts in 1995), Michael B. has written his way through a career spanning 6 years and counting.

In 2018, his professional contributions are in Mentoring as a Manuscript Assessor and Art Services as a Custom Cartoonist. He is also developing professional projects in Theatre as Scriptwriter and Puppet Designer, in Video Production as a Scriptwriter/Producer/Editor and sometimes Director (especially animation), in Software Development as a Writer/Designer/Producer and in Publishing as an Author and Comic Book Writer. He has written a tv pilot, a theatre script, 3 short novels, 3 screenplays and is learning computer programming and design drawing – also creature sculpting. Michael is an accomplished blogger. He has produced five without-a-budget short movies shot on video.

He is also starting to produce gaming videos.

He won a 10hr mentorship from the NZSA in 2012 for his novel in development called “Notes on a Film” which he is now rewriting as a screenplay called “Process”. You can download the critique of the first draft here.

Current Projects

  • little god

    Morbid, post-modern and absurd Adventure Fantasy/Action/Drama Novel for Young Adults.

  • Process

    Highly praised screenplay – graduate project.
    Won a 10hr mentorship from the New Zealand Society of Authors in 2012 while in development. Pitched as a stage play to the London Rep Theatre – they loved his writing but found the piece too novel-esque. Currently rewriting as a screenplay to pitch to a local film director who has agreed to read it.

  • the puppet

    Young Adult Novel about growing up in New Zealand in the early ‘90s.

  • my thumb

    Micro-budget Video Project for Television – a quirky morbid road movie about hitchhiking with a creepy premise. Had a producer/director attached but they parted ways due to creative differences.

  • destined for perfection

    Morbid, Quirky, Post-Modern Fantasy/Action/Drama Screenplay.

  • no magic in this book

    Young Adult Novel about struggling to transition into a career as a professional creative whilst growing up in New Zealand and dealing with mental illness.

  • peddler

    A team project by “M = Delta V + C” – an indie video game about hustling at a prison-like high school during a cold Winter in Bellamy, New England, USA.

  • 2 guys start an innovation business

    A stage play about trying to start a technology business with a friend, but they’re both broke and living in New Zealand in the ‘90s.

  • how the boy who could not cry became a man

    Morbid, quirky, absurdist graphic novel about time travel and social science on other planets, in the vein of Science Fiction/Action/Drama and homage to bad movies.

  • Star Wars Fanfilm

    A star wars fanfilm short movie to be shot on video.

  • poltergeist: take two

    A zero-budget short movie to be shot on video which is a remake of a successfully completed short movie Mike made in 2011 – for which the footage was unfortunately never recovered. But Mike did organise the team from conception to completion also the FX which included emulating blood and flesh shooting out of the sink and a skateboard-dolly tracking shot.