His love of writing is what drives Michael to create

Michael’s writing style would appeal to people who like a mix of Greg Egan and Clive Barker, with a dash of Terry Pratchett and Glen Duncan, some Douglas Coupland, R. L. Stine, F. Paul Wilson, Patrick McGrath and Roald Dahl, with just a smidge of Shane Koyczan and Sudhir Venkatesh. There is also room for a faint hint of Burroughs, Carcaterra, Andy Weir and Ginsberg.

The storytellers whose works most influence Michael are: Stephen King, Jack Cole, Bill Finger, Jae Lee, Jhonen Vasquez, Richard Thompson, Tony Wong, Jim Henson, David Cronenberg, Hal Hartley, Tim Burton, S. S. Wilson, David Peoples, Harmony Korine, Don Hertzfeldt, Henry Selick, Kevin Smith, Olivier Assayas, Spalding Gray, Chan-wook Park, Brendon Small, Bruce Timm, Lars Von Trier, David Feiss, Rik Mayall, Joe Penhall, Sera Gamble, Alex Gansa, Chris Rogers + Chris Cantwell, Rand Ravich, Shane Carruth, Elia Kazan, Lester Francois, Allan Moyle and (game writer) Bill King.

Michael’s goal is to develop sophisticated, quirky, unique, imaginative and edgy content in the realms of novels, puppetry, films, animation, screenplays, comic books, documentaries, video games, board games and software. Though his main passion is to express emotion and ideas, with thorough speculation and by designing visual magic, machinery and worlds. And create stories with carefully chosen details and depth of image and life. Social innovation is also a driving creative force.

He writes 2hrs daily and usually manages to fit in also an hour of study, some drawing and work on his gaming blog. He tries to write 3 novels, 3 screenplays, 1 other script, a game storyline and a piece of software, every year. As well as a few songs and/or poems.

  • An expert writer

    Michael has been writing for most of his life. An expert writer and now trying to get his most recent work finished and sold. He is a self-taught songwriter (with a strong background in poetry.) He writes narrative scripts aimed at interactive art, theatre, video, games, museum exhibits and theme park attractions

  • Typical INTP

    Michael, the fantasy architect, as a typical INTP is a philosophical innovator, fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and design. Preoccupied with theory, and searches for the universal law behind everything he sees. He wants to understand the unifying themes of life, in all their complexity.

  • Communication

    Typically precise in his speech, and communicates complex ideas with carefully chosen words. He insists on intellectual rigor in even the most casual of conversations, and will readily point out inconsistencies of thought or reasoning.

  • The Architect

    Is a detached, analytical observer who can seem oblivious to the world around him because he is so deeply absorbed in thought. He spends much of his time focused internally: exploring concepts, making connections, and seeking understanding. To the Architect, life is an ongoing inquiry into the mysteries of the universe.

  • His Mind

    Often thoroughly engaged in his own thoughts, and usually appears to others to be offbeat and unconventional. His mind is a most active place, and inward orientation can mean that he neglects superficial things. He doesn’t tend to bother with small talk but can become downright passionate when talking about science, mathematics, computers, or the larger theoretical problems of the universe, life and art. Reality is often of only passing interest to the Architect, as he is more interested in the theory behind it all.

Beginning his career as a classically trained freelance author/scriptwriter/manuscript assessor and cartoonist in 2012 (but began writing game design documents in 1993 and large fiction manuscripts in 1995), Michael B. has written his way through a career spanning 6 years and counting.

In 2018, his professional contributions are in Mentoring as a Manuscript Assessor and Art Services as a Custom Cartoonist. He is also developing professional projects in Theatre as Scriptwriter and Puppet Designer, in Video Production as a Scriptwriter/Producer/Editor and sometimes Director (especially animation), in Software Development as a Writer/Designer/Producer and in Publishing as an Author and Comic Book Writer. He has written a tv pilot, a theatre script, 3 short novels, 3 screenplays and is learning computer programming and design drawing – also creature sculpting. Michael is an accomplished blogger. He has produced five without-a-budget short movies shot on video.

He is also starting to produce gaming videos.

He won a 10hr mentorship from the NZSA in 2012 for his novel in development called “Notes on a Film” which he is now rewriting as a screenplay called “Process”. You can download the critique of the first draft here.

Current Projects

  • little god

    Morbid, post-modern and absurd Adventure Fantasy/Action/Drama Novel for Young Adults.

  • Process

    Highly praised screenplay – graduate project.
    Won a 10hr mentorship from the New Zealand Society of Authors in 2012 while in development. Pitched as a stage play to the London Rep Theatre – they loved his writing but found the piece too novel-esque. Currently rewriting as a screenplay to pitch to a local film director who has agreed to read it.

  • Before the Console Wars

    Young Adult Novel about growing up in New Zealand in the early ‘90s.

  • my thumb

    Micro-budget Video Project for Television – a quirky morbid road movie about hitchhiking with a creepy premise. Had a producer/director attached but they parted ways due to creative differences.

  • destined for perfection

    Morbid, Quirky, Post-Modern Fantasy/Action/Drama Screenplay.

  • no magic in this book

    Young Adult Novel about struggling to transition into a career as a professional creative whilst growing up in New Zealand and dealing with mental illness.

  • peddler

    A team project by “M = Delta V + C” – an indie video game about hustling at a prison-like high school during a cold Winter in Bellamy, New England, USA.

  • 2 guys start an innovation business

    A stage play about trying to start a technology business with a friend, but they’re both broke and living in New Zealand in the ‘90s.

  • how the boy who could not cry became a man

    Morbid, quirky, absurdist graphic novel about time travel, dragons, military and technology in the future, interdimensional travel, creatures and social science on other planets, drug abuse and family values, in the vein of Science Fiction/Action/Drama and homage to bad science fiction movies.

  • Star Wars Fanfilm: TFWU

    A star wars fanfilm short movie to be shot on video.

  • poltergeist: take two

    A zero-budget short movie to be shot on video which is a remake of a successfully completed short movie Mike made in 2011 – for which the footage was unfortunately never recovered. But Mike did organise the team from conception to completion also the FX which included emulating blood and flesh shooting out of the sink and a skateboard-dolly tracking shot.

Mike’s Latest Script

Due in 2018

Destined For Perfection – Summary

Something is in the air. Something big – and incredibly pissed off.

In the First Zone, a force slowly moulds itself into a tangible mortal form – gaining shape and memory of a name and a soul of being. It was a title that the ancients gave him: oCeAN.

The power is in him.

He knows the name of God, all of the most significant powers in the Universe know god’s name. If the summoning can be stopped, surely God can stop it.​

On a 150 bus from Morimure to Queensgate in Dehlrin, Jaimee Elgin surveys the drab busload of beings (scaly, furry, and everything in-between) around her. Her childhood was rough, her later years toughening her into a cold person. She holds very little empathy. She ripped limbs and wings off insects, seduced lovesick boys for her pleasure – and hid lies behind a pretty face.

In the far future, it is the end of time. Earth is nothing but a dull space. The centre of the universe is black and static. Holes are embedded in the space continuum, one hole not far away from the jade planet, Dehlrin. It’s four continents still pulsate with life. Helen Soledan comes across a mother, Aida, who is mourning the grotesque spider-limbed figure that was her son, Kevin. It was a ‘phasing’ that has gone wrong…

​This is a novel that takes you into the realms of the creepy and the absurd. Here there be Gods and Monsters. To gain independence, answers, and redemption – one must know what they are fighting for – even if you have to crawl your way from Hell to the Seventh Zone to get there.

  • Spiderman villains, Wolverine vol. 2, Ravage 2099, Dr Strange, Earth X, Uncanny X-Men (Maggott and Marrow), Generation X (Chamber), X-Man, Punisher: War Journal, X-Factor, Bishop, Marvel Zombies, Thanos, Deadpool, Iron Fist.

    Favourite Marvel Comic Books
  • Clayface (Matt Hagen), Captain Atom #51, Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Mr Terrific (Michael Holt), Dr Fate, Plastic Man, Argus (Bloodlines), JSA, JLI, Batman 66, Infinity Inc, Checkmate, Batman Inc and John Ostrander.

    Favourite DC Comic Books
  • Sam Kieth, Al Gordon, Jae Lee, Jhonen Vasquez, Robert Crumb, Ken Reid, Richard Thompson, Scott Adams, Val Mayerik, Richard Horie, Tony Wong, Alan Moore, Alex Ross.

    Favourite Comic Book Creators